College Tennis Recruiting Service

We have been helping college athletes get college scholarships for over 15 years.  We are now offering our services to the public because we believe that finding a college scholarship does not have to be expensive or difficult.  ProTenn Global Sports specializes in Tennis because this is what we have done for over 25 years.  Our service will get you in touch with every college coach in the country.  Many teams play their season without a full team because players did not reach out.  College coaches can only do so much recruiting, therefore if you are not reaching out to them, they will not know you are looking to play college tennis.


Our simple process is effective, its customized to your goals and it's priced so it fits your budget.




A La Carte

College video and editing only $299       


Special - $199

We teach you and give you the resources on doing it yourself with a little help from us


In this package you receive:


  • Access to our full coach’s database and admissions database

  • Step by step instruction on the process

  • How to record your recruiting video

  • How to edit the video

  • How to write to the coaches

  • How often to contact them

  • Getting your NCAA clearinghouse

  • You are part of our coaches’ monthly newsletter

  • Listed on website with profile and video link

  • Profile updated monthly

  • 2 hours of consultation if you may need additional help

  • A La Carte – College video added - $99


Silver Price - $349

Special  $249

Full Service 


  • This includes shooting your tennis video and editing it. 

  • You will be a featured player on ProTenn Website and Social Media

  • Personalized profile page on ProTenn Site

  • Profile updated weekly

  • We contact the schools that best fit your profile.

  • We contact the schools that you are also targeting.

  • Coaches are given all your contact information and links to your profile and video.

  • 5 hours of consultation if you need any additional help

Gold - $699

Special – $549

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